Thursday, May 14, 2009

Its a Name Your Baby Contest!

Finally, I have pictures of the baby turtle's face.  She wasn't terribly cooperative.  And either she's not very photogenic or I'm not a very good photographer cuz it took a million tries to get these not so amazing pictures. - probably both!  

There is one thing I learned while taking the pictures.  At one point she stuck her little head all the way out.  Of course this was not when I had the camera in my hand.  But anyway, it enabled me to see that she has tiny orange speckles all over her face.  That means I was wrong.  She is not Claudette's baby.  Rather the mother of this baby would have to be Cleopatra.  Her babies always have her distinctive orange speckles.  Here is a pictures of Cleopatra.  

I did take one where you could see Baby's cute little tail.

As someone else has noted, this baby simply must have a name since she is now known by the whole world.  So, I've decided to have a Name Your Baby Contest.  So here is what you will need to know.  I always name my turtles after either a movie star or a character in a movie.  I really like old movies.  (And if you are young like my daughter, old movies doesn't mean the 80's.  I mean really old.)  Turtles live such simple and plain lives digging in the dirt and eating worms, it just seems fun to give them glamorous names.

I will choose the name that delights me the most.  I promise to be fair and not choose based on the person that submits the name.  If you knew how seriously I take my pet's names, you would know this is not a problem.  It took a week and 30 tried names before choosing Kenya for my most recent rescued cat.

The author of the baby turtle name that I choose will receive a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" notecard with a printed version of my Dance with a Cat collage and matching envelope.  (The green is just the background for the picture)
To enter the contest I just ask three things of you.
1.  comment here with your name idea
2.  sign up to follow my blog
3.  take the time to read my previous blog post about my friend and at least look at her drawing.  Then leave a comment there so I know you have done that.

I will make a choice on Thursday May 21.  

I look forward to lots of creative and fun name ideas.


Southern Belle said...

i don't know a name but that is THE cutest little turtle

Annette F. Tait said...

okay Elizabeth, I enlarged her picture really Big to have a good look at her shy and inquisitive little face - and because I have only ever seen part of an old movie (North by North West and was captivated by the ornate bedroom) I immediately thought she resembled Clark Gable with her little dark eye - so I propose the name



many thanks for the competition and I am sure she will be named beautifully!
kind regards,

pey said...

This actually came from my husband, I told him about the naming contest over dinner and Mae West was the first name he said. I liked it too, so here's our entry..... Miss Mae.

malyenta said...

I think a fitting name for this gorgeous girl would be Paulette, after my most favoritest male movie star of all....

The late, great Paul Newman, who was the founder of Newman's Own and was a very hard working, very caring philanthropist of our time, and donated much to charity.

FYI..I have been in love with this card and have marked it as a favorite way back...wanted to purchase it for my dear friend who had to say goodbye to her wonderful cat this year, but alas, I lack the funds for even a simple expression like this, so I sent her the page by email and she loved the thoughtfulness. If I win, she will be the recipient..

malyenta said...

Okay, so, I think this beautiful little creature should be named Paulette, after my favoritest male movie star of all time: The Late, Great, Paul Newman. He was also the founder of Newman's Own Foods and one of the greatest philanthropists of our time devoting much of his later life's work to charitable causes...

FYI: I have always loved this card and hearted it way back when.. I wanted to send it to a good friend of mine that recently had to say goodbye to her wonderful cat but couldn't afford this luxury, so I sent her the page by email instead.. She really appreciated the thoughtfulness. If I win this contest , she will be the recipient of the real deal!!Thanks, Carol of faeriegood at etsy.

Cherry Lane Jane said...

you should name him Charlie as in charlie chaplin because he is silent and cute!


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