Monday, November 29, 2010

And Puppy Dog's Tails.....That's What Little Boys Are Made Of

This is Bo!  He is a Boxer/Lab mix (and probably some other stuff too!)  Bo is my son's dog.  He was rescued by my son off the streets 7 years ago.  Bo is staying with us for a while.  So now Lydia has a companion for running in the backyard and letting the neighbor's know that there is an invader in their that has little tiny ears and a long busy tail and hides nuts under the trees.  I know the neighbors are so grateful for these barking alarms.

Bo has a sneaky way of getting you to get really close to his face while he looks into your eyes sweetly.  Then when you have your guard down and least expect it, he'll reach over quickly and slurp you right on the neck.   Eewww!  : )  But he means well.

Bo is a funny dog.  He loves bread.  In fact he'd rather eat bread than meat.  One evening recently I was baking some homemade rolls.  Bo ran around all the while tossing his toys in the air and practically skipping down the stairs.  He was a happy and contented boy when he finally got a warm roll straight from the oven.

And since we're in a doggy mood here today, here is a new addition to my shop - a giclee print from an original painting.  This happy Old English Sheep Dog wants to join your home or bless someone as a Christmas gift.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

What Is Your Perspective?

I've come to the conclusion that our outlook on life can be determined by how we look at a tree - or maybe how we don't look.  Have you stopped to look around at the trees and the changing colors?  Have you taken a moment to notice them?  Because they will only be there for just about that moment.  Soon all the leaves will be on the ground and the beauty will have changed. 

The tree above is outside of my studio, and this is how most people would see it.  But if you look more closely you will see it something like this.

But I am convinced that the only way to truly appreciate a tree, the only way to truly experience it is to see it like a child.  So first one has to lie down under the trees in the grass.  One has to experience the crunch of the already fallen leaves on the grass.  

And then the magical moment is when you turn your face up and look straight up into the tree thus getting the perspective of a child.  I'm convinced that trees truly love children and children love trees. There is a love affair that goes on between them that gets lost somewhere in those teen years.  So I dare you today to go outside and find one tree to look at with the perspective of a child.  It just might change your day.

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