Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lydia the Angel Dog

I've got to share the story of what happened yesterday with Lydia, my 17 month old Great Pyrenees puppy. We were going for a walk yesterday. She's still got a lot of puppy in her so its quite a romp. But she's pretty obedient. And she doesn't usually think she has to greet the people we pass. We just walk on by. We were walking past a house and she kept looking over at a very elderly man who was doing yard work in his back yard. Already this was unusual behavior for her. He was probably about 40 feet away from us. He was busy and not even noticing us. Finally she stopped and turned her body sideways from the way we were walking. She was facing the man and his backyard. I pulled a little on the leash and told her to come on. She stiffened her legs as if to dig in her heals and wouldn't move. And she looked at me with a gentle but determined look that said, "I'm not going anywhere." It was at that moment that the elderly man came walking through his gate. She got so excited and began to bounce around. By now he noticed her and as he walked toward her, he talked to her. As soon as he got close, she sat down very calmly for him to pet her head. Then she lifted herself up on her hind feet slowly and gently and he reached out and held her front feet in his hands. She then put her face about 1/2 inch from his face and smelled his breath - something I've never seen her do. After that, she sat down again and he rubbed behind her ears for a while. And then we went on with our walk. 
One other time she showed this kind of awareness of the feelings of others. She saw a woman in the vet's lobby. Without any hesitation the first moment she saw her, she reached slowly and put her feet around the woman's neck and lay the side of her face against the side of the woman's face. I was afraid the woman would be upset and reached for her, calling her name. But the woman, who now had tears streaming down her face, said, "No, she's alright. She knew I needed this hug today."
I've had animals my whole life and believe they are very sensitive to our feelings. But I'm starting to think this puppy has an extraordinary sensitivity. I can't help but wonder what is going on in the elderly man's life that Lydia felt the need to "minister" to him yesterday. I was glad to have been able to facilitate the moment for her.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mattie Rose's Glamour Shots

I know......its only been a few minutes since I posted.  But I remembered I'd not shown you Mattie Rose and her glamour shots.  A few weeks ago I was getting ready to take pictures of some new items for etsy.  I got it all set up with a vintage lace background.  Then I turned around to pick up the piece to be photographed first.  When I turned back to the lacy box I'd just fixed, this is what I found.
Needless to say, I let her stay and found another way to photograph that day.  She was just too cute to move.


If Only I Had Thumbs!

Well, I'm back into blog land.  I've  been in kind of the twilight zone for a while.  I've had lots of things going on in the other side of my life.
But on this sunny spring day, I want to share my newest collage with you.  It is titled "If Only I Had Thumbs"  It reminds me of early marriage days when we lived in a VERY shabby chic house.  The difference is it had become shabby chic all on it's own.  No one had created it for decorative purposes.  We had a cat that would sit outside the screen door like this.  She would actually wait to be let in so she could use the litter box - not terribly bright.
This piece has lots of 3-D elements and different techniques to it.  It was fun to create.  I hope you enjoy it.

I've been learning more about the 'how-to's' of blogging.  I'll be back soon and more often with some interesting additions.

Have a bright spring day, wherever you are.

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