Saturday, September 27, 2014

A display of work testing the Artist Survival Book 

As an artist, I sometimes have multiple projects bouncing around in my head at once.  Most of those projects are at different levels of progress and details can get lost in the mix.  A working journal like the Artist Survival Book is very helpful for keeping the various elements of many projects all in one tidy place.   You will find them at Jerry's Artarama.

 The Artist Survival Book has a lovely leather cover that feels nice in your hand.  For me, even the cover helps to create the ambiance of a creative moment.   There is an elastic band that helps to keep the book closed as it grows with your use.  The elastic is strong but narrow which is nice because it doesn't get in the way.  The papers turn easily and comfortably on the spiral binding allowing for a completely flat display.  And the journal is a nice size that is easy enough to bring along wherever you go so you can work on those ideas when the thought comes.

The front portion of the book has plain pages ready for you to test drawings and other ideas you might have.   The middle portion has lines for note taking or lists of necessary supplies or even thoughts about future projects.  And the last section of the book is made up of pages with guide-dots to help you with precision drawing.   All of the pages are perforated, making it easy to remove them when necessary for reference.

And between each section there is a leather divider that has pockets.  How fun these pockets are!  You can keep extra small papers or reference photos or even a few pencils if you like.  The papers are suitable for dry media like graphite, colored pencils, pen, or conte' crayons.

Here is a short video demonstration of my Artist Survival Book.

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