Saturday, May 9, 2009

Babies are blooming in the Garden

Spring is officially here.  The rains have come and the perennials have risen from their winter sleep.  And Saturday mornings are begun with the buzz of weed eaters in the background.  How I wish someone would design a silent weed eater!  But on a more positive note, yesterday when I was pulling weeds (silently, by hand) from my flower garden, I found a tiny baby box turtle.  She was about the size of a silver dollar and sooo cute!  And yes, she is a she.  Yes, you can tell.  If anyone really wants to know how, you can contact me and I will tell you.

I am sure this tiny garden dweller is the offspring of one of my backyard family members.  Today I will take her out to the country far from busy city streets where she can live a long and happy turtle life.  She could simply live in my backyard with her mama and 2 aunts.  However, although I've taught Lydia that turtles are not balls with legs, I'm not sure this cookie with legs might not be beyond her limits of self control. 

Speaking of garden blooms, I've found the cutest shop on ETSY - WarmandFuzzyBaby.   In her love of a handcrafted life, Hilda has designed these precious baby caps.   They will keep your little one's head warm while expressing the hope of new life.  I can hardly wait for a friend to have a baby so I can buy one.  Just look at these little rose buds.

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WindandHoney said...

I have just received word from WarmandFuzzyBaby that she will have to close her shop due to family matters until May 25. So, if you love the baby caps as I do, remember to check back with her then.

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