Monday, November 12, 2012

Zest-It Has Come to the USA

After much diligent work to understand and conquer all issues related to importing from the UK, Vicki Byers of And Bear Makes 3, is now a US distributor for Zest-It.  Zest-It is a non toxic blending medium for colored pencils.  

I have personally not previously used a solvent for my colored pencil work because they tend to be fairly toxic substances.  But Zest-It is environmentally and health friendly.  (Well, don't drink it...)  I love how it works and enjoy using it to create a base undercoat to my colored pencil work.  It sure is easier on the hands than hand blending all of that with a blending pencil!  

I posted a review and test of Zest-It a year ago on my blog.  Here is the link to that post if you want to see the results.  Vicki is currently the one and only North American distributor of Zest-It.  When I ordered my Zest-It from the UK, my shipping was as much as my order.  So I am thrilled that Vicki has taken this task on.  You can reach Vicki online here or if you would like to speak with her on the phone, you can find that information here.

You can get a nice bottle for refilling and also a container with a sponge.  This container is nice because it is more stable.  Several of my students and I have all spilled our bottle a bit.  So, we were glad to get the container with the sponge making it nearly impossible to spill.  

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Anonymous said...

I am excited to have the Zest It pencil blend in the US!!! I agree with Elizabeth that the sponge container is great to have since it has such a wide base. I know Elizabeth often has cats helping her draw but since I currently only have doxies I only have my own clumsiness to blame so the more "spillproof" the better! Also, I would recommend getting the 4.25 ounce bottle to have on hand for refilling the sponge--no use getting partway through that masterpiece only to find out you have run out of Zest It!!! If you visit my website,, you can order either or both through Pay Pal. The shipping is only for the US so if you live out of the country you can email me and we will attempt to add to my education on how to sell and ship to another country!!! Thanks! Vicki

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