Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Day of Thanks

I have several friends that have been posting a gratitude list daily on Facebook.  I love that.  I love the idea of perpetually finding something new to be thankful for.  I love the thought of being intentionally thankful.  I wish I had done that too.  But I was busy and, at least mentally, in a whirlwind.  So I didn't do it.

I'd like to make a small list here.  I'll keep it short for your sake.  : )

I am thankful:   
  1. I have a daughter with whom I can still laugh and have fun.
  2. I have a son who has grown to be a man I respect.
  3. I have a husband who loves me still even though the years have begun to show on me. 
  4. I have the privilege to live the life of an artist with creativity all around me.
  5. for my local students and my online students from all over the world.  What fun they are to know!
  6. for the honor to have rescued my sweet furry friends and to enjoy their company daily in my studio.
  7. for my faith.  It is what sustains and energizes me.
  8. for technology.  Although it exasperates me, I could not accomplish my business without it.
  9. for the many many miraculous things I have seen develop in those I love in the last year.
  10. for the perpetual and amazing patience of my God.
And thank you, my dear blog friends, for joining me here from time to time.  May your holiday time be blest with delight, gratitude, and grace.

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