Sunday, September 2, 2012

Its a New Day at Creative Pencils

My dear blogging friends, I apologize for my very long absence.  Life has been full and days have run into weeks.  But I have an exciting announcement that does explain some of my time in the last weeks.  


Colored Pencils 101
Pencils 301
Creative Pencils is the site where I offer lessons in pencil art.  In the last year it has been a subscription site with a monthly lesson plan.  But it is a new day at Creative Pencils!  It is now filled with workshops so you may choose what you want to learn.  You can even work on more than one workshop at a time, if you like.  The foundational lessons in basic graphite pencil (Pencils 101, 201, & 301) and colored pencils (101 & the upcoming 201) will remain open for students at all times.   And I will always be available to help and critique your work in those lessons.  I love watching the students blossom and grow as they work through those exercises.

Cat Portraits in Graphite
The other more specialized workshops like cat portraits or the upcoming dog portraits, etc. will be offered for a limited time.   And I am available for every workshop for questions, critique, and even just conversation.                                      You can become a member of Creative Pencils simply by enrolling in a workshop of any size and then signing up.  You may remain a member even when you are in between workshops.   
Art Journaling with Pencils Studio Group
We have Studio Groups where all members may share photos of their work and join in conversations about subjects they enjoy like art journals, especially those created with artist pencils.  Artist Trading Cards is another studio group and there are others including one discussing using your drawings in your mixed media collage work.                                                                                                              
 We are having a lot of fun at Creative Pencils!  Come and join in on the fun. 
 Of course you can do it!  That's what the lessons are for, to teach you.    Pop on over and see our new look!

***Creative Pencils has moved to Creative Workshops.  Come by and see***

Wind and Honey Creations

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