Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art Has A Way of Healing and Stengthening

Session I of Artful Gathering closes today.  The Hopping Into Soft Pastels workshop was so much fun.  I loved meeting new artist and working with them as they learned to use a new medium.  The bunny shown here was drawn by Cara Letho, one of the students.  I asked Cara if I could share her rabbit and she asked me to also share her story. 

Cara has struggled for a long time with creative block. Creative block haunts the best of us sometimes and is often based in fears.   Cara was determined to beat this block and she enrolled in my workshop.  The wonderful thing is that Cara found that as she worked through the steps of my Hopping Into Soft Pastels workshop, that she was finally able to find the freedom to draw.  She could finally move beyond that blank piece of white paper.  The result was that Cara drew this beautiful rabbit as a gift for someone precious to her. Her tender feelings come through in the rabbit's sweet face.  The exact colors I used in the instructions did not turn out to be available to Cara.  So she improvised and made a different choice in colors.  I think her colors are beautiful.  Such a lovely blending of warm tones.

8" x 10" Giclee print available through my shop.  

I am humbled and over joyed to have been an instrument to help Cara break free to live her creative life.  Yea for you, Cara!  The sky is the limit.  

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ArtSnark said...

great images & wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your lovely comment about my studio, it really means so much. And yes, by all means borrow away:)

xo, abby

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