Monday, September 17, 2012

A Tiny Little Artbar

A few months ago Derwent sent me a set of their new Artbar. They only sent me the set of 12 which was such a teaser!  Of course I was sure I needed more.  I was very busy at the time they arrived and I was not able to find time to play with them.  I watched the demonstration videos and found them intriguing but not really in line with the art I usually produce.  I did find some interesting uses for them in my art journal pages.  But not much else.  I did purchase the set of 24, though.  Because even in the art journal backgrounds, I was pretty sure I needed those soft pastels in the set of 24.  
I was happily surprised when the set of 24 arrived and I discovered that there were only a very few duplicates from the set of 12 I already had.  And they were basics like black and browns - colors you will use up more quickly anyway. 

Then recently, in the Tiny Masterpieces Studio Group on my Creative Pencils site, we were discussing the fact that it had been a while since any of us had worked on any artist trading cards.  So, on a whim, I pulled out a tiny Strathmore canvas precut to just the right size for an ATC, and I opened up my newest set of Artbar.  

The ATC nest full of eggs with wind blown feathers that you see above is the result.  I used a tiny paintbrush and the scraper tool to help the process.  I loved doing this.  In fact I was almost late for my afternoon class because I found it difficult to stop.  I loved the soft gentle look I was able to create quite easily with them and I delighted in the way I was able to embellish it with the scraper tool. 

The Artbar are compact and, based on this project, I believe they will last a long time.  I predict I will use them a lot.  I love that I could take them along with me so easily should I choose to.  Perhaps that will be a way to keep me from being late for class.  I'm looking forward to trying them on a number of surfaces.  I'll share them with you here when I do.

Wind and Honey Creations

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artistamyjo said...

I just might have to try those,sounds interesting.

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