Sunday, August 15, 2010

Facing Forward

My journal has finally arrived for the Sketchbook Project.  Its funny how a little book with a plain brown cover can be such an exciting arrival.  Its blank pages hold potential for new ideas, thoughts, images, and creativity.  How much fun is that!?  The topic I chose for my project is Facing Forward.  Its seems appropriate to me as we come to the end of summer and prepare to enter September and Autumn.  I know most people think of new beginnings in January with the change of the year.   But to me, that always just feels like the middle of winter.  I'm sure all those years of school have affected my mindset.  September just seems more the time to face forward to new beginnings.

I found this precious little nest in the yard a few days ago.  It has been hot and dry here so there have been no blusterly storms to toss the nest out of the tree.  I choose to think its owner was also facing forward.  Perhaps her young little inhabitants had matured and grown to the point that they no longer fit in the tiny nest which is only about 3 inches in diameter.  Perhaps they are enjoying a feast with their friends on the watermelon I set out last night for the turtles.  Certainly there was enough for Cleopatra, Claudette, Miss Mae, and Goldie to share with the birds and even with the squirrels.

And as I think about facing forward, I've just come from my husband's parents house where we went through a box full of old family photos.  Some are quite old with no name.  It is sad that now no one knows who they are.  All we know is that they are family in some way or another.  Many of them are young, facing forward to their own futures so long ago.   I've included one here that I'd like to share with you for your own art projects.

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Laurel said...

September always seems like the start of a new year for me too. I'm glad you commented on my blog because I got to find your lovely blog! I hope you post some of your sketchbook pages. That seems like a fun project!

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