Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Moose, a Mountain, and a Garden Fairy

Yesterday hubby and I took a day off for a trip exploring the Wichita Mountains.  I know, I know, I know.  If you are from just about anywhere but here, you would not consider these "hills" to be mountains.  But technically they are.  Maybe just barely, but yes, they are mountains.  

I bring this up because I wanted to show you this wonderful moose.  
This is probably the biggest moose you'll see.  I would guess that he was about 15 feet tall.   I thought he was so fun with his crooked legs and wide antlers.  I have a friend from Canada that makes handmade paper using real moose droppings.  Hmmm.   Her name is LizAnnaOnTheLakes.  You might want to check out the beautiful handmade papers in her shop.  I bet this guy would create shiny metalic papers.  

Here is my entry for this week's Collage Play with Crowabout.   Butterfly Fairy is an original collage created digitally.  It brings summer right into your home.  You may purchase it in my etsy shop in 3.5 x 2.5" ACEO size ready to be framed or displayed creatively.


whyte said...

Elizabeth, love the digital ACEO. That's so neat how you made her the body of the butterfly, tired of wings "pasted" on backs of kids! :) I still do those though. That is a funny moose. I will forever more think of Liz too when I see any moose anywhere!

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Thanks for sharing this, Elizabeth! That is such a cute moose and yes, I'll bet he would make shiny metallic paper LOL! My shop is on vacation for another week while I restock but I'll be back with my moose poo paper then.

I love the butterfly collage!

ArtSnark said...

Fun Moose & cool collage! And for those of us in Florida, it looks like a mountain :D

Maureen said...

Love the moose - and the fairy! I spent 6 years in Nebraska - they love their sandhills , and here in La Crosse I look out at my Mississippi River bluffs just across the street - they are about 600 ft - don't imagine those are mountains!

peggy gatto said...

the moose is wonderful!!!
And your art is wonderful too!!

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