Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

These are the munchkins that made me a mother.  What fun they were with their dancing eyes, sweet grins, and vivid imaginations.  The years have whizzed by like a Spring wind.  Their legs are longer now and their imaginations have taken them on into their futures.  But in my mind, in my heart, they will always look just like they do here in this picture.
Here is a lovely journal hand embellished with a print of one of my paintings.  It is enhanced with acrylic paint and oil pencils.  The lined pages of this journal would be a great place to record all those wonderful memories you have of mothering or being mothered.  You may find this in my shop.

Here are some visions of Spring from my garden today.  Feel free to use the day lily and the luna moth images in your art.


Brenda Lynn said...

It is as if time stands still for us mothers; recalling our sweet babies in our mind's eye as if they never grew up. I do the same with my boys and find myself doing a double-take often just to comprehend (and remember) the men they've become.

Beautiful Babies, E!

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

What little sweeties! That time sure passes quickly. That Luna Moth photo is a piece of art in itself!

Maureen said...

The Luna Moth is positively breathtaking. So surreal! It's good to remind ourselves that such beauty does exist in this world!

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