Friday, July 17, 2015

Let There Be Light - WBC Take 2

If you read my previous post, my original entry for the Where Bloggers Create Party, you'll know I had some electrical difficulties producing a dark studio. Since there was some interest in how I found ways to fit a 20' x 20' studio into a 9' x 9' room, I am sharing more, now that the lights are back on.   I have tried not to repeat what I already showed you in the WBC post.  So, if you didn't see those, you can do that here.
The biggest secret is to go UP with everything!

In moving from a spacious space where light and room were generous, to an itty space where everything seemed a frustration and challenge at first, I learned to look from a different perspective at what supplies should be out where they were visible.  In my large studio, I loved having everything out and visually available at all times.  That was no longer an option.  Well, actually at one point I did have my stainless steel shelves on one wall and the printer/scanner shelves (which is just like the cat's bunk beds) were out.  But I found that in this tiny space, all that utility felt very uninspiring.  So the closet houses the printer/scanner shelves and the large stainless shelves filled with mixed media supplies.  I also have some less than lovely plastic drawers in the closet holding decorative papers and odds and ends.
My antique dental drawers filled with pencils.
I had to think through what I really use on a regular basis.  Could this still be convenient in the closet or does it need to be in the room?  Maybe less than convenient in the closet (the printer and scanner) but maybe worth it to not look at it every day.  Does it really need to be on top of the work table or could it just be in a handy place close by?  I play with mixed media art but artist's pencils are my premium medium when I work professionally.  So having the pencils out and available is most important.

I use altoid tins to hold my most used colors of Derwent Artbar and Derwent Intense blocks.  They take up less table space and are great cases for travel when I want them.   This is a vintage laundry table.  The top is porcelain so paint just washes right off.  The drawer holds markers.

This little folding tray is so handy.  It extends my work table.  It is easily moved to the desk should I need it for drawing supplies or beside the sewing machine.  Or I can just fold it up and put it away if I need the room.  I have one more I use sometimes but I think its in another room right now.
Kenya and Rose in the bunk beds

This vintage ironing board folds up and takes up little space.  But I can easily set it up when I need an extended table top to spread out supplies or finished pieces.
My daughter's ballet shoes

The folding drawing board substitutes for my drafting table.  It works fairly well as I rarely work larger than 11" x 14" anyway.  I loved my drafting table and I did have it in here for a while.  But there was hardly any room to walk.  I realized the real need was for a drawing space that could be elevated at an angle and a safe place to leave the paper while a project is not yet finished.  The table top board solves that need without taking up 3' x 3' of the room and it can be moved should I need the desk for other purposes.
Cigar box for drawing supplies

I love vintage objects.  Previously I had the luxury of being able to place them in my studio just for the purpose of inspiration.  Many boxes and jars were empty.  I just loved looking at them.  But in my new small space everything has to have a purpose.  So if there was something I really wanted in the room I found a job for it.
Matchstick holder for drawing brushes
Lydia, Studio Supervisor in charge of holding the floor down

I love rocking chairs.  I found that I neeeeded a rocking chair in my studio for it to feel right to me.  But, of course, there is no room for it.  I do kind of have a thing for rocking chairs.  I have 7.  This one is the most light weight one making it easier to move about if necessary.  My sweet husband, the Poet, bought me a keyboard that I can hold on my lap in my rocking chair and a large monitor.  So, this can be my desk chair.     ---I know, I know........
Kenya, my muse
As I said before, the sewing machine tucks away neatly on the typewriter shelf.  And there is room underneath inside for my light box. 

The bookshelves are hardly seen but are still available.  They are behind the door and beside the desk.  They hold up the chair my daughter Kate made that holds the tv.
Some finished pieces available to purchase.

I want to recover this chair but don't have the sewing skills to do it properly.  I welcome suggestions or ideas!!!

And then when all the necessary things were in place I found a few places, mostly on the walls, to add a bit of decorative fluff just to make me smile.
Bo.  The Old Man.  
 Thank you for indulging me this 2nd run through.  I am still learning how to make this space work more efficiently and yet maintain an air of creative whimsey.  It is a growing experience.

Wind and Honey Creations
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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So glad to see the lights are back on and you have returned to share the rest of your studio. I agree that going UP is the best way I know to increase your space. Real estate is always a premium, but light is also important. That means keeping the window you have free enough to allow the light in. Like you, I have two walls completely filled to nearly the ceiling. I like what you have done with your space, though. I adore all the personal touches you have added, even as you had to fight for space.

This was a wonderful entry and I really enjoyed seeing how another person's small, small space works. Thanks for that!

Gwen Simmons said...

Hi Again Elizabeth,
A little light does wonders. Great pictures! I really like your desk, and I love those antique dental drawers that hold your drawing pencils. I can see that space is tight, but you have done a wonderful job of utilizing every inch. That computer desk is so cool, and the rcoking chair as a desk chair... Sweet!

Thanks for the new tour,

Tammy said...

Very creative way to fit everything into a smaller space. I especially love the cat bunk beds. ;)

Leanne said...

Thanks for this! I love how you explained your process. As for me, I'm going to clean out my space and see if I can go a little "higher" and utilitze some under-the-table space because piles aren't productive, really.

Kathleen said...

Oh, it looks so beautiful! Love that you are using your antiques, and it is fun to see all the critters, too.

Art and Sand said...

I love your creative space.

I once had a similar enamel topped table in my creative space, but I no longer have that space so we use the table in the kitchen as a work surface.

Have a lovely creative day!

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