Thursday, January 15, 2015

One Hundred Faces In Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days

I have joined a group on Facebook where we have each committed to draw or paint 100 faces in 365 days.  Most people are drawing and painting people faces.   But, you know me....  My first face is, of course, a Siamese cat.

100 Faces in 365 days

This drawing was created with Derwent Tinted Charcoal on a Strathmore Toned Sketch Journal.   *A note on these toned journals:  They are beautiful.  There is a grey one too.  I love the colors!  But... Strathmore, Please make some toned papers with tooth.  I suggest Bristol Board Vellum.   Pretty Please!  These colors cry out to be used with the tinted charcoal.  But the paper makes it quite a challenge to accomplish.

I have decided only to use journaled faces for my 100.  That will force me to play around with it and not use the more serious portraits I am working on.   I think this will be fun and will prompt me to draw many different kinds of faces.   I might do a camel, a donkey, and maybe some sheep.   Oh!  Maybe a rooster!  And maybe.....just maybe, I'll even do some people.

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Sandra Petersen said...

Could you provide the Facebook link so we can see all you do?

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