Monday, January 12, 2015

Bo Says Thank You Auntie Kate

Ear Warmer Scarf

I've mentioned before that our son's dog, Bo, has been living with us for several years. Bo is getting older now. I believe he will be 12 years old this May. He has a nice little coat that he wears when we go for walks. Bo loves his coat. But recently when the temperatures have been so low, I found that his tender ears get really cold on walks. I mentioned this to our daughter Kate who is a whiz with a crochet needle. So Kate made Bo this little scarf.

It can go over his head or be worn down on his neck. Oh my, he loves this scarf! And it does keep his ears quite cozy and warm. Once when we were taking his coat off after a walk, his scarf slipped off by accident. I picked it up thinking I would put it with the leash and coat. But Bo came over and touched the scarf with his nose. And then stretched out his head and neck indicating he wanted me to put it back on. Awwwww!!!!!

Touching things with his nose has always been a form of communication with Bo. Even when he was quite young, if he wanted me to come along outside with him, he would touch my leg with his nose and then look out. Is this something other dogs do? Or is it unique to our Bo, saved off the streets as a puppy?

Doggie Scarf

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