Monday, November 24, 2014

Grace That Is Sufficient - The Story of a Table

In this month, in this week, in the US, we focus particularly on our tables and what happens around them.  With that in mind, I'd like to share a post I wrote previously for The Graceful Artist.  

We have a round oak dining table. It is larger than average at 52" in diameter. And it has 6 legs held together in a circle. I've only seen one other table with legs like this. But this table isn't special because it is large or has unique legs. Our dining table once belonged to my husband's grandmother. But when we received it 30 years ago, the previous years had taken their toll. 

 Many years of cold Winters and hot Oklahoma Summers the table stood alone, abandoned in an empty house. Gone were the times with family dinners and laughter. Or the moments of anticipation of yummy desserts as pie crust was rolled out carefully onto its surface. The table had been forgotten. Twenty long years later, the table was rescued. Not by the one who had left but by the grandson. He lovingly used antique restoration skills to bring new life to the old table.

The old finish and glue were removed and replaced. And beauty was restored to the table. But the effects of being in extreme temperatures for so many years left scars on the table. There was some warping in the 2 leaves. And there was some cracking. And the joints of those unique legs were not as sturdy as they had originally been. But the table is beautiful none the less and we love it. 

We make adjustments for its challenges and choose to keep this table as a very special part of our home. When the leaves are not in place there is no warping. And when we use the leaves to allow 8 to dine together, we simply use a table cloth and none is the wiser about a bit of warping. To protect the legs, we use this table as our special table and not the one in the kitchen where dough rolling might take place. We sit here for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthday dinners. We sit here to work on family photo albums. And I sit at this table to record my workshops. Laughter and love has returned to the well worn table.
When I look at this table, I am reminded that in my spirit, I have some cracks, some warping, and some places that aren't as strong as they once were. Life takes its toll on us all. And yet, like the table, God continues to find purposes for me, to bring beauty into my life. Isaiah says that He makes beauty from ashes. I am reminded that we need not be perfect. We need not have always been in the right place. We might even have felt abandoned. God still chooses to bring intentional direction into our days. Second Corinthians 12:9 says, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." What is the purpose for which you have been made? Has life created some challenges for you? God's grace is sufficient for you still. No matter what, this day holds a purpose for you and God can bring the beauty into your life for the task at hand.  

May you have a very blessed day of Thanks wherever you find yourself. 

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whyte said...

The cracks in the table allowed it to give, to relieve pressure from stress, but still remain strong and to serve a purpose. Teaching things much larger than weathering and neglect.

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