Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Oh, you're gonna be SO jealous! Hahaha!!! 

Its my birthday month and the Poet bought me some drawers for my pencils! I couldn't be happier. Forget the diamonds. Just give me some quaint old junk to hold my pencils and I'm a happy girl. These drawers used to be part of a cabinet for a dentist to store his tools in. I wonder if the rest of the cabinet was destroyed in a fire because there was some black discoloration on the side.  But that was no problem since I would be painting it anyway.

So, here's what they look like full of pencils and in their spot on the desk.  This takes up a little more space than the pencil holder I have been using.  But actually, it is much better as the pencils can lay safely flat.  This is better for protecting those fragile leads.  And I can see what colors are there without having to take them out by the handful at a time.

This picture shows what they looked like when we got them home.  The finish is kinda boring, but with lots of potential.  I have this great weakness for lots of drawers!  Notice that the top is missing.  I think this was a part of a much larger piece.  But, the missing top is easily remedied. 

 Look at the insides of the drawers!  Don't they just shout the need for pencils?!  

My painting hopes were to make the drawers look like they were painted white many years ago and had endured much wear bringing a roughness to the paint.   What do you think?  Did I get that look?

I know that chalk paint is so popular right now.  I love the look.  But I have tons and tons of paint and I am determined to use up what I have before I buy more.
I'm pretty sure these knobs are original.  Well, there are 2 like the bottom one shown here that look like replacements.  However, they also look old.  I think they were replaced many many years ago.

So, here they are all finished, loaded, and in their new home on my desk.  Happy Birthday to Me!

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Marilou said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
What a wonderful gift, you did a great job with the paint!
Hugs Marilou

Jeanette House said...

That's totally fabulous, and even better, a gift that you'll enjoy every day! Happy Birthday month! xo

Stacey Merrill said...

Happy Birthday! What a fantastic gift

Brenda Lynn said...

Oh, they turned out beautifully! Yes, you did a great job with the aged paint. And yes, I'm sooo jealous!

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