Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Workshops Are Coming!

New workshops are on the horizon. Yea!!! I have 2 new workshops opening at Creative Pencils next week.  Both were created in response to the requests of students.  And both are using less than common pencils.   It is your opportunity to expand your pencil knowledge.  Double Yea!!

Panda in Pastels

Panda in Pastels is a drawing of a beautiful panda among the bamboo.  I drew the original as a gift for a new mother.  She had especially requested a panda bear.  Some of my students saw it while in progress and asked that I teach them how to draw one of their own.  I know you will love joining in.  In this workshop we use Derwent Soft Pastel pencils and I will take you through your drawing one step at a time.  Remember you can always ask me questions and show your work to me so that I can help you along the way.  I love looking at your work.  This colorful panda is a project that is suited to students of any drawing level.  

Lovely Wren

Lovely Wren started as a drawing I did at home just playing with my pencils.  One of my students saw it and requested a workshop so she could also draw a "lovely wren".  This drawing was created with Derwent Drawing pencils (sometimes referred to as Soft Drawing).  These pencils are very soft and layer in a very different way than regular colored pencils.  I think you will enjoy this new process and certainly your skills will benefit by expanding your knowledge. 

Dog Portrait in Graphite

One more bit of news is that the time for the Dog Portrait in Graphite workshop has been extended.  Due to my move, I am giving extra time just in case that complication was an interference for anyone else.  So, come on!  You've still got time to join in! 

Have a great weekend and remember to spend some quality time with your pencils.  I'd hate for them to get lonely.  Haha!


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Papernut said...

Glad to hear you are 'mostly' moved in! Also glad the Lovely Wren class is starting. This bird is such a cutie and I am eager to learn how to use the Derwent Drawing more effecively.

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