Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few Days in Eureka Springs

I recently spent a few days in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with my family.  We each came from our separate places of residence and met there.  Two of the four of us had been there before.  I was one of the ones that had not.  We enjoyed our time together and enjoyed the unique atmosphere of the town.

The locals complained of the unusual heat they were experiencing. But we LOVED the moderate temperatures compared to the 110F plus temperatures we had been experiencing for weeks prior to our trip. 

This is the Sweet Spring noted from the 1800's for its sweet water.  The spring is down a number of very old winding steps. 

This vintage water fountain still works.  The fountain and this wonderful old bench are both by the Sweet Spring.

The whole town has a laid back atmosphere to it which was just what we were needing.  We visited art galleries, quaint shops, and antique stores.  Each of the restaurants we visited were extraordinary.  Of course photography was not allowed in the galleries.  And I guess I was always too hungry when in the restaurants because I never remembered to take pictures there.  

I would LOVE having a studio on the top floor of this building!

I especially noted the vintage and unusual musical items I found.  Arkansas is a very musical state.  

I'll share a few other images with you on another day.

Wind and Honey Creations


Kathy said...

Lovely photos...I love the second one, the building, such an impressive building.

Liz-Anna said...

This is the kind of community I love to visit! I'd like to map out a route sometime that would take me on a holiday through places like this but I would need a really big truck to haul home my treasures.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, isn't it! My husband was born and raised in Hot Springs and we visit often as his grown daughter still lives there. We took me to all the tourist sites and even though he had lived there well into his 40's he had never been in any of the art galleries..gasp! I treated him to a day he loved and will never forget.

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