Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Artful Gathering

Join Me July 17 - August 20 for The Artful Gathering - an online art retreat.   I will be joining 15 other talented teachers to bring you a wide variety of classes.  I am teaching a drawing class that incorporates both graphite pencil as well as water based pencils for color.  This class would be suitable for beginning artists as well as intermediate level drawers.   Just think.  You don't have to wash clothes, iron, pack, schedule a flight, reserve hotel rooms, eat fast food, or even get someone to sit with your pets.  Instead you can sit on the couch in your jammies with the cat in your lap and the dog on your feet.  And you will be joining artists from all over the world to take a wide range of art classes.  What fun it will be!  Check it out at The Artful Gathering

Wind and Honey Creations


artistamyjo said...

I am looking forward to this wonderful event.
Hugs, Amy

Dora said...

Sounds interesting!

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