Monday, March 21, 2011

Matchbox Swap

In February I participated in the Petite Inspiration Box Swap an art swap event sponsored by Speckled Egg.  This swap featured altered matchboxes.  We were divided into groups of three.  Before mailing our artfully decorated boxes, we filled them with tiny vintage goodies.  I absolutely love both of the boxes I received.  I thoroughly enjoyed this event and getting to know my two group members.  Here are pictures of the wonderful boxes they sent to me.

Jan of JaN'sArTyJouRney sent me this great box of goodies.

And Jen of On a Journey created this beautiful altered matchbox.  Look at those cute little shoes.  Love 'em!

And here are the boxes I sent to them.  I forgot to take a picture of mine with the goodies showing.  So, you'll just have to imagine these boxes filled with itty bitty great stuff.

This little bunny box is decorated with a digital collage that I created months ago but had not used yet.  This box went all the way to England to Jan of JaN'sArTyJouRney

And this peaceful little girl was sent to Texas to Jen of On a Journey

Did you notice what I did?  We didn't plan what we would be sending.  We talked about color preferences and style.  But made no particular plans.  Do you see that Jan used music on my box and I used it in hers?  And Jen used white textured embossed paper on my box and I used it on hers.  Isn't that interesting?

Now I have something funny to share.  Lydia and Bo have a DogIt water fountain.  The reason they have such an elaborate water bowl is a long story that I won't get into.  But last week the Poet was helping me out by doing the weekly cleaning of the dog fountain.  It is not exactly the most pleasant thing to do as there is usually a pretty generous quantity of slobber involved.  However, this time the reservoir was abundant with crumpled leaves and dry grass.    ---  huh?!!?     You have to wonder if Lydia is trying something new, carrying grass and leaves around in her big lips like chewing tobacco.

I have to admit that I felt a certain degree of relief that I was not the one cleaning the fountain on this particular day.  I left the room intent on another task.  Later, when I returned, I found this not-so-poetic note written to Lydia and Bo and taped right at their eye level above their water fountain.   LOL!!!

I'll let you know if it works!!!

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Angelique said...

Oh these boxes are so beautiful! Little treasure boxes indeed... Thanks for sharing!

Kelly_Deal said...

What beautiful matchboxes and your doggies are adorable!

Liz-Anna said...

These boxes are beautiful and what a wonderful swap idea, especially filled with all those little surprises! It was nice to see the work on the inside of yours, too.

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