Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Benefit of Fun

What difference does it make to have fun?  Well, kids could answer that in about 2 seconds.  It makes ALL the difference.  If a lesson plan isn't fun, I've lost the students almost from the beginning.  And that's even true of the adults, too.  Their heart isn't in it and soon their concentration won't be either.  They stumble through the activity with only half the effort.  And the 'less than wonderful' results at the end of the project prove this project was not fun enough.

I know that life isn't all fun and sometimes one must do tasks that are simply necessary and not so pleasant.  But what if we began to look for ways to put more fun into our lives?  If we smiled more, if we laughed more, if we had more fun, wouldn't those unavoidable less fun things be more tolerable?  Doesn't the chocolate pudding at the end of the meal make the brussels sprouts less  unpleasant?

The Fun Theory by Volkswagon is a site dedicated to the idea that simply adding fun to our lives can make a difference for us and for the world around us.  Here is a video of an experiment proving this theory.  When the only way to get from down to up was a flight of stairs and and an escalator, the stairs were a lonely place.  But after a piano keyboard was added to the steps, thereby creating instant fun, the stairs became a much much more popular route.

Wind and Honey Creations


Anonymous said...

That video is a trip and your cat is too! I love all the fun colorful images in your art as well. Connie :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

The whole time I was reading your post I was shaking my head up and down agreeing with you. lol
I have quit many a lesson because of it not being fun.
This video is great and I am glad you shared it with us
Hope your having a wonderful fun weekend

Sunshineshelle said...

This is so much... well... FUN! Pleased I dropped by :) Esp love the legs on the dude with fish... and his FACE ;) priceless just so cute!!!

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