Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sam needs your help!

Lily of TwoStrayCats is one of my internet friends. I know her through our association with EFA/Artists Helping Animals. Lily is one of the sweetest people I know and she loves her cats with all her heart. One of her kitties, Sam has been injured. The doctor believes Sam's injury is the result of the cruel and angry actions of a person. But whatever it was, it was a heavy and sudden massive force that has broken both of his hips and pushed them forward. Sam can be helped but it will require surgery. The surgery will cost $1000.

Lily is having a sale in her etsy shop to raise money for Sam's surgery. Everything is 50% off. She makes the most beautiful pillows with striking and elegant fabrics. Please go and look at TwoStrayCats and see if you find something that you could use for a gift or your your own enjoyment.

Please click on the links in print to see these pillows and many more in Lily's shop.

Also, as most of you know I give a percentage of my profits every month to an animal charity. This month Sammy will be my animal charity. So, if there is something in my shop that you have been thinking about purchasing, now is the time to get it. 15% of every sale will go to the Sammy Fund to help pay for the surgery to try to undo this harsh, cruel, and evil act.

Here are just a few examples in my etsy shop and you can see more to the right.

and how appropriate is this piece!

This also applies to anything in my 1000Markets shop. Here are some examples.

And remember that 15% of any portraits ordered through either my etsy shop or my 1000 Markets shop or my website will also go to the Sammy fund.

Here is a list of other shops that are donating their profits to help Sam. 65% of all MoL book sales and 75% of all graphics sales.. plus matching donations by 50% & 25% of all sales profits this week & 50% of the proceeds from both of my Etsy shops 25% of my sales 50% of any photo sales 100% of the purchase price of a mug 100% of the purchase price of Fancy Wearables (as seen on Sammy and Koru) 40% of all the sales from shoes this weekend

For more information and many more photos please visit Annette's blog at dragonhouseofyuen

Thank you for any help you can give Lily for Sammy either through our shops or directly.


Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Her work looks immpeccable. I love her choices of fabrics. We will just trust that there will be a way for her to get him some help. I know what that is like and how heart wrenching that it can be.

BeadedTail said...

Oh my gosh, I hope Sam is going to be okay. My thoughts are with Lily and my kitties are sending purrs to Sam. I'll be sure to check out her shop.

Annette F. Tait said...

thanks for posting Elizabeth - Lily really is one of the sweetest people I know and her love for her two 'strays' shines thru all the time.
Hoping so much that Sam will heal and recover safely from this deplorable act.
So many people are caring and it's touching,
kind regards, Annette

QueenBe said...

I hope she has great great success with her sale, and that she will find a way to make it happen for poor Sam. I am heading to her shop right now. He is a lucky cat to have her in his life!

Laura said...

I've just recently joined EFA, so this will be a good opportunity for me to start really contributing. It saddens me greatly that someone would do this. I'll definitely check out her store, and donate myself if I get a sale.

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