Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Display Your Art

Today I want to share a poem written by my extremely talented poet husband.  The poem is about daring to express the art that is within you.  I hope you enjoy it.

Display Your Art

Fix it on a page, 
a paper pool reflecting
private imaginations,
innermost sensations
of your heart and soul.

Pinch the wetted dust of earth
let it play, let it out
gently awaken life in the clay
help it stand, hear it shout.

Lace it on a canvas window,
painted glimpses 
of your dreams, 
splashes of passion, strokes
of freedom's tomorrow.

Pierce the silence with tempered 
speech, persuading every audient
to hear
the promise of freshly bold

Paint the sky
with measured vocal color,
faint and bold,
deep and high,
moods and words spritely spread
upon the wind.

Compose the soul's rich store
for the tools of symphony,
breath through gilded brass,
fingered, quivered strings,
singing wood and
percussive rhythms smithed.

Loose it in each step's design,
mixing wind and time,
cultured strength with classic song,
satin toes stitching joy
through floor and sky.

Show the world your heart;
Be the death of fear;
Share your deepest love;
Bring the distant near;
Display your graceful art.
    --Rockford Johnson (copyright, 2009)

for more background information about this poem read the comments below.


paperdreamer said...

The poem is truly beautiful and touched me ! You should illustrate it and he should publish it !

Renée Gandy said...

I truly loved this poem..I "felt" it and live it.

Laura Herbertson said...



twostraycats said...

What a lovely poem ~ thank you for sharing

Loudlife said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it - and thank your talented husband, too. It was a treat to read and I will be rereading it several times for sure. The words instantly evoked imagery in my brain, truly inspiring!

WindandHoney said...

Thank you, on behalf of Rockford, for these words of encouragement. I'm really very proud of him. I've realized I should have told the story that prompted this poem. Our daughter, age 10, was practicing with her ballet company for the Nutcracker. She had been given the part of Clara. The studio was upstairs in an old building. Rockford was downstairs waiting on her and could hear their satin footsteps through the ceiling/floor above him. The first printed copy of the poem was a gift to the ballet instructor. It still hangs 14 years later on her office wall.


just capture a dad's love and pride in his lovely.

ArtSnark said...

wonderful thoughts eloquently expressed!

Annette F. Tait said...

it's very evocative Elizabeth and it's even nicer knowing the story behind it!

Carol said...

My goodness, what a lovely poem and story behind it. I'm touched and inspired..

Brenda Lynn said...

A left-me-breathless display of art, talent... and love.

Jessie said...

Well, what a talented pair you two are! This is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

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