Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday's Potpourri

Wow, Monday's sure do roll around fast. I think the last week may have had 2 Monday's.
So.....drumroll are today's potpourri picks.

My first choice today is a Mixed-Media Portrait by artist Pam Carriker. Pam includes portraits in much of her work. Pam's work has been published several times. It has a distinct look to it that is recognizable immediately. I love Pam's work and think she is one of the most talented artist on etsy. You will enjoy looking at all of her work at

My next choice is another incredibly talented artist from etsy, SavageArtworks. These precious little ducklings were created with pastels. SavageArtworks has a very delicate touch to her work. You get a sense of what a treasure the creatures are by the gentleness in her work. SavageArtworks is a member of EFA/Artists Helping Animals.

And finally, a wonderful photograph of a lion in a tree by RiverGreetings. I imagine this girl is hot, full, and ready for a nap. Isn't she absolutely wonderful. Of course, I have a great weakness for lions. This great photo is sold as an 8"x12" print. Proceeds from the sale of this photograph and others by RiverGreetings go to fund continuing philanthropic aid to the survivors of genocide in Rwanda. Please take time to look at more of RiverGreetings work.

And last, but definitely not least, is my newest ACEO. This one is very dear to my heart. It is a print of a picture of our most beloved Mufasa, aka Fasa. He was actually my daughter's cat but we all loved him. He blessed us with his presence in our home for 11 years. And now he is sitting in the sunshine of heaven. This is my entry for the EFA July challenge.

For information about having a custom portrait of your pet done, check out my website


BeadedTail said...

Everything is so wonderful! The lion is so cute and your ACEO of Fasa is beautiful!

Pam Carriker said...

Thank you so much for including me in your Potpourri Picks! I will go and check out these other etisans lovely work,

ArtSnark said...

wonderful selection! Great color palette

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