Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Peter and the Wolf

Remember Peter and the Wolf?  Did you listen to it as a child with those delightful musical personalities?  It is a very fond memory for me.  Something reminded me of it today and I went on a search to recover a copy of it.  But not just any version will do.  It has to be the old Walt Disney version with Sterling Holloway narrating.
I did find some delightful Peter and the Wolf tidbits on youtube.  I strongly suggest you watch them.  They will brighten your day.   Walt Disney      Peter 1    Peter 2
Then in my search I turned to Etsy to see if I could find any Peter and the Wolf there.  I stumbled onto this Etsy shop.  What fun!  This artist has such wonderful creativity using the fantasies and imaginations of childhood stories.  
Please take the time to go to The Mymble's Daughter .  Spend some time just meandering through her imagination.  You'll enjoy the escape.    Pictured here are some of my favorites.


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