Monday, July 13, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015

 I thought I was going to miss the Where Bloggers Create Party for this year. My studio was a mess and I didn't think I would have time to clean it up. But I ended up with some surprise time. So, I'm just a bit late but I'm scooting in here in the last minutes. Yea!  Thank you Karen Valentine for letting me sneak in.  **After writing the previous words last night the breaker broke for my studio.  I only had one light on so don't know what the deal is.  But the problem seems to be more complicated than just flipping the switch in the garage.  So I was waiting until morning to take my pictures but have found they are still fairly dark.  I've used the ones that are less dark and tweaked them in Photoshop trying to get a bit more light.  I do apologize for their lacking in quality.)

If you've followed this event for a while now you might remember that I used to have a large sunny room for a studio. (see that studio here) Then we moved and I had a room that was much smaller. (see that studio here) Well, we are still in that same house but I found I couldn't work in that room. I needed sunshine. So, I've moved to an even smaller room with only one window.  What in the world?!!   But, at least the sun shines in!

It has been quite an adjustment and I have had to rethink pretty much everything.  For one thing there is very little room for fluff.  You have to start thinking about just what is necessary.    But I do love that sunshine.   The view isn't amazing but I need to be working and not staring out the window anyway.   In this room, where space is of a premium, the cats have bunk beds.

I do find that at least once a week I wonder if I couldn't find a way to fit my larger work table into this room. I get my trusty tape measure out and check to see if the walls have gotten any longer since the last time I measured. And, once again I see that there is no way to fit that large table in here. Actually, the truth is that I usually have a messy table with only a small workspace -- whether the table is large or small. A lot of the larger table was filled with the cat's baskets.  And if you can see Rose the black cat in this dark photo you will see that she still prefers the table to her bed.

My antique dentist drawers had to go on the lower level.  (You can see more about them in better light here)  When your space is small everywhere is potential for storage.   I can still use them here.

I kept one of the 2 teacher's desks from the previous room.  I love how the typing table in this desk works to keep my sewing machine. And then when I'm finished, it just tucks right back where it came from.   If I did not use this large desk, I could fit my large work table in.  But I'd lose that way cool sewing cabinet.  So, we make choices..... and then we live with them.   (This picture is from the last time I shared.  The light wouldn't let me get a good pic today of the sewing machine out.)

My daughter made this chair that the tv sets on in college. It was a sculpture class and they were supposed to make a chair that represents themselves.  So, I guess this is a portrait of my daughter that sits beneath a painted portrait of her on the wall.  I never realized how redundant that is until I typed it here. 

And then about every other week, I think I might want to bring my drafting table back. But I use a tabletop drawing board that works quite well and the drafting table is only sentimental. So, I guess its really about learning to be content and making things work, making them enough. I have several creative decorating plans for this room. That will give us something to talk about next year.   And hopefully we will have light next year!!

Thank you for joining me in my little studio today.   I've loved having you here in spite of the complications.   By the way, the lovely design for my blog background was created by Karen Valentine using my art.  Its been a few years and I keep thinking I should have her redo it.  But I really like this one so I just keep it.  She does professional personalized work.  If your blog needs a little boost, I recommend Karen for blog design.   

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Liz-Anna said...

I had to laugh about you trying to make things fit after already figuring out they didn't. I can relate. I am always reorganizing my studio in my mind and time after time I'm surprised by the reality! And I would choose light over space, too!

bobbie said...

It looks like you did very well fitting all the essentials in, with enough room for the cats (a girl has to have her priorities straight!) and just enough 'fluff'!
Thanks for the tour ~ happy crafting!

Gwen Simmons said...

Thank you for the tour. Your space may be small, but you have set it up quite well, and it is so charming. Low light or not, you did a nice job with the photos.

I agree with you about your blog background, It is incredible, and unique. I love your art style, and Karen's work.

Best wishes,

Sandy said...

Love your space, the iron headboard is a great idea for clipping artwork of collecting supplies. Thank you for sharing.

Grantham Lynn said...

Your space is fabulous. You weren't all that late. I posted after you!
The chair your daughter made is cool. Looks like the cat enjoys that sunny window too. Thanks for sharing your fabulous space.

Leanne said...

This year looking at all the studios, I wanted to move from my small former-guest-bedroom to the larger guest bedroom that hardly any body uses but our occasional dog sitter but if out-of-town family do come ... so I've decided to purge and rearrange and you have inspired me to keep following that idea!!! I'd love more photos of how you've managed!

Consider It All Joy said...

We do the best we can and make use of the space available to us, you've done well with a small space. I guess what matters is having those you love and the things you need to make you happy. Thank you for sharing your space. Happy Creating, Cindy

My thrift store addiction said...

Hello, I'm visiting from WBC! You've done a great job of adapting your space after moving ~ lovely space!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Elizabeth! I am so glad you were able to join the party!!! You have inspired many I can see!! I love the portrait of your daughter on the wall. It is so striking. I cant wait to see what you are going to share with us next year! BTW...Thank you so much for the lovely shout out in your post. :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's obvious I'm running late to the party, but I am so glad to be here now. I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see your incredible studio, even without light (which sounds a bit serious).

I also have a small space, and agree that EVERY inch is important. The nice thing is, if you only have one window, you have three walls. And it looks like you have some beautiful things on those walls, too. BTW, I'm in AWE of those dentist drawers. They look very, very handy.

Thanks for sharing your space and I hope you get your electricity back on soon!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I like your work space and the background Karen put together with your own artwork - love the bunny on the chair with the teacup!
I've read both of your posts and have decided I'll have to change up my coloured pencils from being all together in one big bin to grouped by colour.
Happy Crafting.

Maureen Hayes said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I haven't been in touch in sooooo long, but I have faithfully read your blog posts and was thrilled to see your studio tour here ( as well as on your post of course!). I like your room, although I completely relate to trying to measure regularly to see if something can fit that didn't the week before ;-). I just moved AGAIN (3rd apartment in less than 3 years!) and while I still have a room, which I am grateful for, it has one small window with practically no light. I just had a handyman in today to install an overhead fixture, because this place is so old there is no wiring in the ceilings, so we had to run the cord for it to an extension cord and down th wall to an outlet. It is the only way I will be able to see in there, even in the daytime!

On a much sadder note, I lost my dear Mother 3 weeks ago as I was moving here, so I don't even have my studio unpacked. One year u would actually like to participate in this blog hop and show my space, but it wasn't meant to be this year. The grief is so overwhelming.

Anyway, sorry to be late, but I do like your new space no how you have incorporated what is important (especially the bunk beds for the kitties!). I don't have a drafting table and think I will invest in one of th tabletop versions you have. As you mentioned, I never have more than a small area available when I am actually working, so that should work well. May I ask where you purchased yours and if you like it?

I miss you and your kind way of teaching. When I feel stronger I hope to take some classes with you again, in the meantime, I wish you happiness and health in your new space. Thanks for the tour!

Connie said...

Oh, I love all the unique things you have for storage . . . there is nothing boring about your space. I can see you working at your desk with your cat laying there in the basket watching you as you create . . . warm, cozy and so personalized . . . you have a very special room. Thank you for allowing us to peek inside. Do come over and visit. Tomorrow I will be starting a Give-A-Way.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Art and Sand said...

My favorite part of your space is the cat in the basket!

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