Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Journal Pages and a Thank You


Here are two journal pages that are quite different.  They are pages that were not created to be shared with a class but rather my own personal pages.   When I create journal pages for class examples I am careful to guard my privacy.  And, of course, we should all maintain our privacy.  But I have tended to be more guarded than most artists I see with blogs.  
Why?  Well, I'm sure some of it has to do with stuff in my past.  But I think some of it is just part of the "how" that I am.  As a result, I don't share my work nearly as much as I should and I have tons of things I've never shared.  I am currently working on a rather large project that is the culmination of lots of small projects.  I've mentioned that before.  And I will share more later when the time is appropriate.  Right now, it is too soon.  But as I've been working on this project, things have been stirring inside me.  Feelings that call me to share more, to be more transparent.  Or maybe transparent isn't the right word.  Maybe just less invisible.  


So, anyway, I've had the creeping crud for several days and have spent most of my time in either the recliner or on the couch with my attention in my laptop.  Although my nose and cough have not enjoyed these days, they have gifted me with abundant time to look around at other artists.  I'm always in such a hurry that this feels quite the luxury.   It was in this time of exploring that I discovered Jennifer Frith of Jenny's Sketchbook.  Go look at her site.  It is fun.  


Jennifer shares lots of her journal pages.  And she has some demonstration videos that are fun to watch.  Although my style and Jennifer's are not exactly the same, they seem to have a similar heart to them.  We share a love and closeness to animals and I see in her art the delight I hope my art also emits.  I felt quite drawn (no pun intended, haha!) to her journal images and found parts of myself on her pages.  I kept wondering if this is my long lost sister.   LOL!  The funny thing is that, although my name is not "Jennifer", my first name IS Jennie.  -just spelled differently.

So, thank you to Jennifer Frith, whom I have never actually met or spoken to.  
I will be sharing more now.  
I will dare to be out there more.   

http://windandhoney.comAnd these pages are the beginning.    The elephant began with a compelling urge one day to draw an elephant.  The colored designs came later and took days and days.  I usually only journal for about 20 minutes at a time.  And I do it as a part of my prayer life.  Artist's pencils were used for everything on the page except the writing and the black outlines on the elephant.  Those were done with various markers - Pitt and Sharpie colored pens.  The background was done with watercolor pencils.  I rarely use anything but various pencils in journal pages.  I find it a challenge to get the looks I want using only pencils.  If one is not trying to accomplish a fine art watercolor painting, watercolor pencils will do most of what you want on a journal page.  And, frankly for me, it is about using what I have rather than investing in more supplies.

The vase was drawn in graphite about a year ago.  I'm not sure what was going on that day that I drew a wonky lopsided vase with flowers leaning the other direction.  Freud would probably have a hay day with that!  Just recently I've added the watercolor.  This is very different than my usual style and I am really surprised at how much I like it. 

Wind and Honey Creations
Creative Pencils - Online Drawing Lessons


Linda M. said...

Elizabeth, Thanks for sharing your journal pages. I really like the scripture scarf. It reminds me of a colorful scarf. When I look at pages like this, I do read some of the writing but then my eye travels to the doodling and drawing. Sometimes the words are just what someone else needed to read today. Joyous Wishes, Linda

Brenda Lynn said...

I'm smiling so big as I read this. Let loose, Friend!

Jennifer Frith said...

Hello Elizabeth! I am so honored to have you mention me on your blog. i think your animal artwork is beautiful, and it's great to find a kindred soul here. Much love to you!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

What a beautiful blog you have ! So glad I found you! by the way...love Bo, what a cutie!

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