Sunday, August 10, 2014

World Lion Day

It is World Lion Day.  And in honor of my most favorite of creatures, I am sharing this beautiful and captivating painting - Una and Lion by Briton Riviére.  The painting is an illustration of the the English epic poem The Faerie Queene.  There are several interpretations to the meaning of this poem.  None of which apply to what I, personally, love in this piece of art.  

If you've read this blog for its duration, you are aware of my love for lions and possibly even of the story of the little lion I cared for whose name was Daniel.  If you are new and unfamiliar with my little Daniel's story, you may read it here.  

Caring for Daniel was extraordinary and life changing for me in many ways.  As I bottle fed him and did his daily therapies, I grew in unexpected ways.  I am currently working on a project to tell Daniel's story more fully.  I am very excited about it.   I'm not sure how long it will take to accomplish.  But I am enjoying the process.   I want to wait for it to be revealed in its completion but I will share some sneak peaks with you along the way.

When Daniel was 13 months old, he passed away due to the injuries he had endured where he had previously lived.  I have always believed that I will see Daniel again one day and we will rejoice and laugh together at how miraculously God used him in my life.   The first time I saw Riviére's painting it took my breath away as the image was nearly exactly what I've always pictured of Daniel and I one day.  The little dancing lamb is the perfect addition to set the mood of joy, peace, and serenity.  
I am very sad to say that lions are in great decline in the wild due to poaching and loss of habit.  Their numbers have declined in the last 50 years to a level that is frighteningly low.  Unless the current trends change, there are predictions that there will be no more lions 10 years from now.  Surely this must not happen.  

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Brenda Lynn said...

As soon as I saw the painting I smiled, before I read a word. "That's E and Daniel". I'm so eagerly anticipating the fullness of Daniel's redemptive story, yet I know it's in the process itself where the story truly lies. So I temper my anticipation with patience. All in His good time.

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