Monday, March 24, 2014

Review of My New Kitty Fountain

Cats are finicky.  That is a well known fact.  And they can be a little quirky sometimes too.  My two are no different.  Water seems to be the place where finicky and quirky meet with my whiskered "kids".  Rose decided she didn't like water a few years ago and no tricky maneuvers on my part with her water bowl would dissuade her.  Finally, to her dismay, I had to start watering down her food to get enough fluids down her.

Kenya, on the other hand, has a bit of an obsession with water.   If Kenya does not have access to water for over an hour he begins to panic.  Before we adopted him from the Tulsa Humane Society, Kenya was living in a large discount store parking lot.  This was during a time when our state was experiencing a drought.  It is our assumption the scarcity of water during that time and at that location is the source of his emotional issues about water.  Also in recent years. he has developed some health issues related to his time on the streets that necessitate drinking lots of water.

It is Kenya's choice to share water with the dogs in the kitchen.   But he really feels the need to have a source of water in the bathroom too.  He expressed this need by chronically licking soapy drops of water off the shower floor.  It is this need that prompted me to look into a new cat fountain.   As I searched, I was delighted to find Thirsty Cat Fountains on EtsyThirsty Cat Fountains are designed and created with the artistic hands of Keith Davitt and Jackie McKannay.   Theses ceramic fountains are truly pieces of art for your home.  The fact that the cats can drink out of them is a bonus.  Each fountain is handcrafted and each one is unique.  They have a variety of colors and even several designs for the copper spouts. 

My fountain is this beautiful cobalt blue.  I was a little concerned about ordering something so fragile to be shipped from half way across the country.  But the fountain arrived quickly and in perfect condition as it had been packed quite thoroughly in an ocean of biodegradable packing materials.

I appreciate how much thought has gone into these fountains.  They are beautifully created with a nice smooth surface.  Even the bottom of the bowl is lovely.  Everywhere you look, from the placement of the cord, to the way the spout connects to the pump, there is proof of excellence and attention to detail.  And the pump is adjustable so you can create a vigorous flow or a smooth gentle stream.

The Thirsty Cat Fountains were the only fountains I found that claim absolutely zero lead in the glaze.  And the copper is the same type of copper used in the pipes of our homes.  Like I said, attention to every detail.

It was no surprise when Kenya fell in love with this gentle flow of water that matches his blue eyes.  But the wonderful delight is that even Rose thinks this fountain worthy to dip in her tiny pink tongue.   She is once again drinking plenty of water thanks our new Thirsty Cat Fountain.  Thank you Keith and Jackie for designing these beautiful fountains.

So Kenya is happy with his artistic bathroom water source and Rose is drinking again.  My only real problem now is that I keep finding more beautiful fountain colors and designs on the website.  I've started wondering if I need one in the living room too!

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