Saturday, June 1, 2013

Boxes and Swirling Winds... and Perspective!

My last post shows that its been a full month since I've posted here.   It might look like I just wanted you to have lots of time to enjoy getting to know Karen deCordova and Target.  And while that's not a bad idea, it wasn't actually the plan.  This month has been huge.  First we are moving.  Tuesday the truck will be loaded so every tiny thing has to be packed into a box.  I've been finishing up my local classes along with their annual art show.  And I've been packing....and packing...and packing.

 Then 2 weeks ago just as the tornado was ripping through Shawnee, OK, I went to bed.  I'd not been feeling well and had a cough for a couple of days.  I just thought it was from packing and all the dust.  --yes, there is dust in my house!   So I had just been pushing on.  By the time I realized I was really sick, I was really sick!  So, I lost 6 precious packing days as I slowly recovered from a rip roaring case of Strep throat.  Ugh!  No time for that!

Meanwhile I lay in bed and watched on television as the world all around me was blown to piles of sticks in swirling violent winds.  -- Yes, I live in Oklahoma!  Where the wind goes sweeping down the plain...   We have not been in the direct paths of the tornados.  But we are very very close.   We drove through Moore about a week after the tornado.  The media is correct when they say the pictures don't really give you a grasp of it.  It is beyond words and quite overwhelming.

I have used this image in good faith that it is a public domain image. 
Finally, I am up and back to packing.  We have downsized quite a bit but who would ever guess with so much stuff to pack!  We will not be complaining, though!!!  We have things to pack.  Many around us do not.  I have a cousin who has lost everything in the Moore tornado and a life long friend who lost much in the Broken Arrow tornado.  And, of course, there were many others and even those who lost beloved family members.  

My son and my husband were such princes as I lay in bed with fever.  They packed my dining room and part of the kitchen.  They packed it a little differently than I would have.  But I'll not be complaining about that either!  What great guys I have!!

So, this has been a month for perspective.  I think it will be affecting my thoughts for some time to come.  Here is a great example of overcoming.   This birdhouse is wired to the pole.   A family of birds had moved into it.   In one of the storms it blew over clinging by one partial wire.  It was a few days before I could get out there to turn it right side up and in the meantime I kept noticing the mother using the roof overhang as a porch.  When I finally walked up to the house to turn it right side up, I could see babies peeking out!  They had simply adjusted -- rearranged the furniture, if you will -- and had gone on with their happy little lives.

Life can be rough.  But we can persevere.  We dust ourselves off, rearrange the furniture, and make the best of it.  My moving and packing and even the crud in my throat are small things.  Oklahomans have had a tough couple of weeks with the tornados.  And that is not a small thing.   But those affected will adjust and life will go on.   Because that is what people and mama birds do!

I'll pack this box for you!

Wind and Honey Creations


Linda M. said...

Elizabeth, What a beautiful post. I'm so happy to hear you were safe from the destruction. And I happy to hear you are feeling better as well. I'm not sure where you are going but have a safe journey. Thanks again for sharing this story. Hugs, Linda

Justine said...

Glad to read you are fine. I knew the store carrying Zest-it was in Moore and didn't know how close you were to it. Justine

Justine said...

Glad to read you and your family are fine. Justine

Maureen Hayes said...


Thanks for posting this, I needed to hear it at this moment. I am currently living in a hotel with my cat as I await the moving company coming with my belongings. I moved from NY to GA, not by choice. I have been struggling and feeling very "poor me" and this post really put things into perspective.

I pray you are fully recovered, that your move goes well and that you continue to remain safe in this terrible weather that your region has been having.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


So much here, so many things to discuss and ask you about! But first of all, thank you for coming over to my post; it means so much to me that people would want to come to see, even in the middle of such busy lives.

Your moving is coming along! But I had not even thought about how CLOSE you are to this area that was hit. It is beyond understanding really, when we are far away from a situation. I wish you safety and peace as you move on to what I hope is a safe community. I am worried about have been so sick?

Again, your visit really is wonderful and thank you for leaving a comment. BE WELL, and be safe! Anita

Ninnu said...

The tornado was scary. We have not huge tornados here in Finland (yet, but you never know nowadays). Thank you for your lovely blog and beautiful paintings & drawings!

Miami Moving Company said...
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Patty said...

Oh, I hope you got moved ok, Elizabeth. This is a thoughtful post. I feel so bad for those who lost their home and loved ones. I wish you the best.

The Comfort of a Safe Place said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Hopefully, all has continued going well for you - and that your move wasn't too difficult. Hope you're all settled in now. And I hope you'll be back to blogging soon.

Jan ♥

Kathy said...

People and mamma birds. This is a lovely post and hope you are feeling much better by now!

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