Monday, April 8, 2013

And Now It Can Be Spring!

The girls are up. The turtles, I mean.  It isn't officially Spring at our house until we see the turtles.  We have 3 of them and they live freely in our backyard.  They could leave if they wanted to.  They could easily dig under the fence.  But they choose to live with us.  I like to think they enjoy the tomato and watermelon treats I give to them as much as I enjoy sharing.

The first picture is Cleopatra and the second one is Claudette Colbert.   These pictures were taken today.  I didn't have time to create a reunion picture today as I am supposed to be recording a workshop.  And besides that, Goldie was hiding somewhere this morning.

Claudette Colbert

A turtle picnic
Here is a picture of Goldie and Cleopatra taken last year.  It was
later in the year, hence the watermelon.  If you find our turtle family interesting, you may read more about them in previous blog posts here and here.

I will be recording a turtle drawing lesson for the new subdivision of Creative Pencils this week.  I might have to bring one of the girls in as a visual aid.

More about the new Creative Pencils project in just a few days.  We are wrapping things up to get it all ready.

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Willow said...

clapping wildly ... I recently did a tortoise tales post. Your girls are great !

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