Saturday, March 23, 2013

In For A Swim

Me and Thee In for a Swim
Illustration Friday is a weekly event with word prompts. Although I rarely have time to participate, I think its fun when I do. This week's prompt word is "Swim". And, as usual, I do not have time to whip out something for that word. But, as it is, I already have a "Swim" drawing. So, I'm good to go this time. This is one of my favorite illustrative drawings. I had so much fun creating it.   I used graphite pencils, watercolor pencils, Inktense pencils, and Prismacolor pencils.  Whew!

New and exciting things are coming to Creative Pencils....  more information in just a few days.....
Well, I'll give you a hint....   It involves people who love to be truly creative.  

Wind and Honey Creations


Lorraine said...

Am glad you did decide to participate as this is delightful.

Manon said...

I can't wait to find out :))))
I so love your drawing I am totally in love!

Kathleen said...

Very fun and great answer to the challenge.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Your work is amazing! CRAZY GOOD!


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