Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kids Drawing Woodland Creatures

In July, I will be teaching a week long art adventure for kids.  The younger ones - ages 5 - 9, will be working in soft pastels.  Our theme will be Woodland Creatures.  This subject - a bear was a request from one of the boys.  Mac, this one's for you!  We will also be drawing a fox, a raccoon, a rabbit, and a fawn.  

In July I will show you some pictures of the kid's work.  They will be wonderful.

Wind and Honey Creations

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hensteeth said...

So lovely to visit your blog...thank you for stopping by over at mine.
In answer to your questions..yes, I do ship to USA and I will have more pieces in Etsy soon. Just got to get a Fair sorted next weekend and then more time to concentrate on my online shops...phew, so much to do etc. viv xxx

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