Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Tea, A Bit of Rust, Throw In A Spark Plug and What Do You Get?

Recently during the One World One Heart blog event I stumbled onto another blog.  You know how it goes.  You are on the site you planned to go to then you go to a link from that site then you go to another one from the new site.  Then eventually you find yourself in a wonderful new place but you can't remember exactly how you got there.  Well, that was my experience when I found myself at the blog of Jeanette Janson.

What fun I had as I spent a while with a cup of tea enjoying the creative mind of Jeanette.  Her Etsy vintage shop VintageSupplyCo is an endless list of treasures with which one might create wonderful mixed media collage work.  She has everything from old photos to rusty metal to ephemera and lots of other fun things in between.

But the really fun part of my cyber time spent with Jeanette was when I visited her Etsy Recycled Robot Art Shop  Jeanette's creations using the same type of materials she sells in her vintage shop are just simply fun!  They will make you smile on a rainy day.  Let me share just a few of my favorites with you today.


Each robot has something unique about it giving it a personality to love.

I think this last one is my favorite with her fancy shoes; and her pearls are just the right finishing touch.

So stop by Jeanette's blog and her shops.  You may find just what you are needing to bring Springtime a little earlier to your house.

Wind and Honey Creations
Creative Pencils - Online Drawing Lessons


Anonymous said...

Lol, those robots DO have quite a bit of personality! How great is that! Wonderful post. Cute, cute, cute!


Oh so cute! My hubby makes those botts too!

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