Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where Are You Vacationing This Year?

Vacations are traditions that create mixed memories.  Stories about childhood vacations may have tales of adventure, fun, and meeting new friends.  Or they may be filled with memories of overworked parents determined to have fun even though they were hot and tired, vehicle breakdowns, and chronic sibling rivalry in the car.  We probably all have a few of most of these.    

Where will you be vacationing this year?  Do you have great adventures planned or rather a quiet time to just rest and reflect?  I'd love for you to comment here about your vacation plans or memories.   

I've created a vacation journal using ecru colored handmade papers.  It is embellished with an original digital collage I made using the images offered in this week's Crowabout challenge.  Perhaps writing in a lovely journal especially chosen for our vacation could reshape our memories. We could choose to write only about the wonderful, the funny, the endearing, and the happy parts of our vacation.  Then in years to come, perhaps - just perhaps, the less than wonderful parts of our memories from vacation time will have faded away.

Wind and Honey Creations

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Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I just returned from a week's vacation at my sister's and enjoyed all the wonderful second hand shopping opportunities the city offers. Otherwise, my favourite vacation is in my own yard! When my kids were young, though, I loved taking holidays that they were excited about, enjoying the experience through their eyes.

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